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Friday, August 05, 2005

Installing Longhorn Beta 1 - Windows Vista

I downloaded the Beta 1 of Longhorn - Windows Vista - and am installing it today. I want to get an idea of what Microsoft has created, and how things are coming together. It's funny ... I don't recall the same for Windows XP, but this really feels like the Beta of Windows 2000 ... so much hype and uproar about the whole thing.

What is funny to me is that it seems that the Linux community it giving Microsoft and Longhorn/Windows Vista the most airplay! They talk about it constantly, they compare their features to it, they continue to frame it as the "thing to beat!"

I'm installing it in Virtual PC as usual ... this is now my preferred platform for all testing, etc. We'll see how it goes ... so far the install is just chugging along.


  • while i await your thoughts, i want to comment on a few things myself.
    first as you mentioned the install,vista beta took aprox 2.5 hours to install completly on a what i thought was a half way decent PC to test with "XP2900 chip, 768 ram and a 20 gig drive".
    second thing is the slow response time when scrolling a page,i think it kinda has the feel of scrolling an adobe acrobat document, but slower.
    third is while writing this review my hard drive is making noise that i remember from the days of the ATA33 with a 66 mhz chip trying to keep up with itself. hope i dont have to build a supercomputer just to browse the net or listen to music..

    By Anonymous cave_man, at 12:35 PM  

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