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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Agilix Support Forums

As we continue to accelerate towards our new release of GoBinder 2006, and the GoBinder SDK, there are numerous new things happening around here at Agilix. First ... I'm about to get my new Tablet PC ... the HP tc4200. One of the other people working here got one and loves it ... he said it was worth the wait. I'm hoping that I'll have it soon ...

The other thing is the "birth" of the Forums @ Agilix Labs ... the new support forums for GoBinder, InfiNotes, and everything Agilix. I've been working on the installation and experimenting with the various forums software, and we finally just got going with something. If you happen to visit and register, please get me some feedback ... I'm working to make this a useful place for the exchange of information and ideas!

P.S. We're cranking out another build of GoBinder 2006 today ... it's amazing to see the product really coming together!


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