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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Apple's First Tablet PC

Well ... that sure didn't take too long! Here it is that I'm just blogged about the fact that I can't imagine that it's too long before Apple has a Tablet PC ... and wham! It's done! (Ok ... sort of!) One of my co-workers came across this post today ... one of the Tablet PC hackers out there got OS-X working on a Toshiba Tablet PC. This whole Intel migration might just occur pretty quickly!

Installing Apple OS X operating system on a Tablet PC

Apple's Developer Transition Kit offers information, sample code, software, and hardware developers need to build Universal Binary applications to run on Macs using Intel processors. As expected, people are also trying to install OS X on Intel platform computers that they already own.

Charles Alexander installed OS X on his Toshiba Portege M200 Tablet PC. The system runs. The digitizer functions. He's run into issues with screen rotation, networking, USB, etc. He writes on, "But with apple's inkwell ( this thing is really showing potential."

I admit, I'm curious about this and would like to see this working. The install process appears to be fairly complicated - certainly not an average Apple or PC user experience for people. Nevertheless, a curiosity. [What is New]


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