Tablet PC Thoughts

Friday, June 03, 2005

Adam Curry ... the Father of Podcasting!

I know that this is somewhat old news ... almost two months ... but I am now catching up on my blogging after completing the first cut of my new tool. (Yeah ... I know ... I'm talking so much about a stinkin' tool for posting to Blogger and Blogspot from Radio Userland !)

I thought this was a great post for Tablet PC vendors when you get a guy like Adam Curry to start using Windows on a Tablet PC. For those who don't know, Adam has been hanging out with the Father of Blogging - Dave Winer - for a long time, and can be considered - IMHO - the Father of Podcasting. I'm glad to see him using a Tablet PC and look forward to more of his writing about it!
If you can't join them.... Just so you know, I've been assimilated. I've been learning how to use my new tablet PC for the past two days. I have to admit, pretty spiffy! Not only that, but this windows stuff runs some pretty interesting software. I'm digging the intricacy of sparks. [Adam Curry's Weblog]