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Friday, June 10, 2005

Agilix GoBinder and plug-ins

At Agilix Labs where I am working, we are about to introduce the second generation of our GoBinder product. GoBinder is a "digital notebook" or "digital planner". It provides a variety of contact management and binder/organizer functionality. Our second generation is a major rewrite of the product as we are moving completely to a "plug-in" architecture. With these changes we will open up GoBinder to unlimited extensions and possibilities.

Now Agilix, and any developer, can create new tabs (or pages) within GoBinder that will provide new functionality. In fact, all of the existing GoBinder functionality has been rewritten as plug-ins ... so GoBinder itself is truly becoming like an empty binder, providing the basic structure to load and run plug-ins which provide all of the end-user value. I am really looking forward to the completion of this version as it will open GoBinder as a true platform for educational, business, and entertainment plug-ins.

While reading on-line I came across this great article by one of the members of the Eclipse project. It is about plug-in architectures and many of the issues that have to be dealt with. It's a great primer for anyone wanting to learn more about software plug-ins and plug-in architectures.
On Plug-ins and Extensible Architectures [Slashdot:]


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