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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Posting Radio -> Atom

This is a huge test of the new Atom posting capability

Friday, May 27, 2005

Busy with projects ...

I noticed that I am *WAY* behind in my blog reading, and posting. I've been having a blast and just too busy with life in general ... it just hasn't been a priority. Besides spending time with the family, I've been working on:
  • My full time job at Agilix Labs. We are well into our partnership with Blackboard, and are deep into the development of our next generation of the product. GoBinder is going to end up being a very fun project. With our next gen product, it will become a fully open and dynamic platform for education and work. Our SDK will open up GoBinder to allow for the addition of custom pages and capabilities. I can't wait for the next builds to come together.
  • Cell Phone Services - I'm working on two projects in this space that are coming together nicely. And they both interelate and have the ability to support each other. One is related to social networking, and then other is a information service ... I'm n ot going to say much more for now ... but we now have operational web sites.
  • Zombie Tracking - I have a prototype of my system for tracking and reproting on suspected zombie machines on the Internet. I now have 10 of my hosts reporting in to my central collection system and basic reporting working. The information that I am gathering is interesting already, and I'm not even done yet. I have a lot more to do here ... but I want to complete the cell phone services first.
  • Wireless Hot Spots - I'm still working on the NoCat open source project, and have recently begun the process of integrating my changes into the core release. I'm also working with Schuyler at NoCat to get the NoCatSplash project completed with full captive and passive support.
So ... with all of this going on ... it's easy to fall behind in reading and posting. I've actually enjoyed getting back into coding and have been writing a good bit of Perl and PHP again ... doing some REST web services ... and playing on the Internet in general. Fun stuff.