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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Tablet PC Sample Code

I've been out of the office on vacation for a week, and so now I'm back in the office and working on Tablets again. I just checked my order for the new HP tc4200 ... it's not here yet, and I don't have a delivery date yet. Bummer. In the mean time, I grabbed the old Acer that our sales exec was using ... he just got his new Toshiba.

I've been playing with Visual Studio .NET, and starting to write some sample apps with our Infinotes product. I have to put together some Camtasia demos for our developers. While looking for other Tablet PC sample source code, I found some great Tablet PC code examples from one of our partners - abletFactory.

I've got an idea that I want to get completed in the next few weeks ... I'm going to create some sample applications that even I would use.


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