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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tablets at VSLive!

I'm at the VSLive! event in San Francisco, and participating in one of the "sub-conferences" called Microsoft Windows Anywhere. The Microsoft Windows Anywhere conference has a focus on the Tablet PC and Mobile PC platforms, and so there is a lot of information about Tablets. I've had the opportunity to see and learn more about the Tablet PC offerings by walking around the tradeshow floor, and I have to admit that I like the new HP "convertible" tc4200.

In learning about Tablet PCs, I have quickly found out there are two core designs - the "slate" and the "convertible". It's easier to describe the "convertible" since this is simply a laptop design where the LCD display can be turned around and "closed" with the display showing. This seems to be the most flexible model for many people who are used to a laptop, and continue to want to use a product in both the "laptop" and "slate". You can open it an use it as a laptop, and then you can rotate the display and use it as a slate.

The "slate" model, is like a slate, or clipboard, that you rest on your arm. The best features of the slate is that they can be used with a mouse and keyboard, however these are not necessarily attached to the "slate" ... so it is nice and lightweight.

So far I am thinking that I like the convertible design ... it gives me the best of both worlds, and although it might weigh a bit more, I can shift slowly into the Tablet PC world, without giving up my laptop habits.

I'm going to spend today looking at more of these products ... maybe I'll change my mind!


  • Welcome to blogging, Agilix, and the Tablet PC community! All at once lol. Everyone at Agilix did a phenomenal job during MWA from the pre-conference workshop to Curt's talk and all the way through. Keep it up! :)

    By Blogger Lora, at 10:46 PM  

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