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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Exploring the Tablet PC

Although I have heard about the Tablet PC for years, I haven't really experienced one hands-ons. I have worked with a number of different "wearable computers" from vendors like Xybernaut, Via (now InfoLogix), and even some of my own experimental models.

I'm now going to be spending a lot of time experimenting with the Tablet PC. I just joined a company - Agilix - that is a leading developer of software for the Tablet PC. Agilix has a number of developer tools for ink-enabling applications, and end-user products that focus on mobilizing data.

I'm sure that I'll get to play with several different manufacturers equipment, and I'll be using a Tablet PC daily. I'll get to see if I like it as much as Scoble does. And I know that I'm going to learn about the Tablet PC ... along with what I like, and what I don't.

So with all of this I figured that I would blog my thoughts ... my Tablet PC Thoughts.


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