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Saturday, February 19, 2005

More Tablet PC References

I'm already liking the Tablet PC world ... there are so many applications that are out there, and a lot of experienced users to learn from. I also like the similarity to the Wearable Computer market that I was doing research in. There area lot of products out there to assist with the gesturing, and I'm learning about more of them.

Richard Lawrence commented on my post about Maxthon, and provided some great information. First he commented on Avant Browser, which is an alternative to Maxthon, saying:
"Like Maxthon, it is tabbed and uses the IE browser control. Unlike Maxthon, it's stable for me and supports the Google toolbar."
I'm going to grab a copy of Avant Browser to play with. Another cool thing about it ... it's written right here in Utah! I'm going to look up the author and chat with him ...

The second thing that I got from Richard is StrokeIt. I was looking for an application like this when I was working with my wearable computers. I was using a touch-pad for data input, and wanted to be able to enter text using a "graffiti-like" set of gestures.

Thanks Richard ... this is a good set of references!


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