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Monday, March 14, 2005

Joe, Sam and the Tablet PC

I brought home a Tablet PC over the weekend, and let my two boys play with it. There is a cool application called the Physics Illustrator from the Microsoft Tablet PC PowerToys website that Joe was playing with, and he was having fun creating a wide variety of physics experiments. It was cool to see just how quickly he was able to assemble some working physics experiments. Yeah ... some were just experimenting with "gravity" and smashing things into things ... but that is the point!

It was also cool to see Sam playing with one of the painting/drawing applications. I forget the name, but I got it running for him, and he was quickly scribbling all over the screen. One of the coolest things was to watch him when he "accidentally" opened the color picker. He quickly figured out that he could tap on the color wheel, and then draw in a different color! He had a blast with it.

So far, I am enjoying the Tablet PC ... I found that I really like reading .pdf files on it ... the pen is well integrated to allow for quick scrolling through the pages. More later!


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