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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blogging, Wikis, Tablet PCs and Ink

As I am new to the Tablet PC, and it's current state, I am quickly finding there are a lot of very cool projects brewing for Tablet PCs. Core to these projects is the "Ink-enabling" of them ... which is one area that my company - Agilix - is very interested in. The other area is "mobilized applications", which are also being referred to as "Smart Clients."

As an avid blogger (I actually have 20+ blogs that I post to!) , I immediately thought about creating an Ink-enabled blogging tool. Something that would allow me to quickly open a window, write my post in ink, select the destination blog(s), and hit post. Done. Well, I now found that the folks over at (a cool Tablet PC site!) are working on the same thing. They are referring to an "ink-enabled blogging client" that they are creating. I can't wait to see what they come up with ... and hope they release the source code. I'd love to integrate our Infinotes control, and add to the features and functions.

I also came across a good article on "A Wiki for the Tablet PC" ... it has some very good ideas and a lot of good code examples. One of the links was to another great article on "Programming the Tablet PC - Get Up To Speed Quickly" which included the source of a "SimpleInkBlogger" that will provide me with some good insights into how to capture ink. I'm actually familiar with the Blogger API and XML-RPC ... this is going to be fun!


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