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Friday, November 18, 2005

Outsourced Identity Theft

I know that this type of identity theft is why so many people are working on identity solutions. I believe that these types of incidents are going to be on the raise for a while. What is interesting to me is that I am not sure that this can prevented except through the use of harsh penalties.

What we have is a company who specializes in outsourcing various work, and number of companies who have entrusted their customers - and their identity data - to this outsourcing entity. Within the outsourcing entity, there are employees - or this one employee - who saw the opportunity to compromise the system from the inside!

While I was working at Novell, we often saw the hacker/security breach reports that floated around, and in almost all of the cases that I could remember the biggest breaches were from the inside! We can do everything that we want to protect the identities of others, however when we have someone within our company - within our community or context - that is committed to exploiting our identity for their own purposes, there is little we can do. This becomes a fundamental breakdown within that community ... and for significant violations in the past there were severe punishments. This truly gets at the roots of the meaning of being fired!

Indian call center worker arrested. In a new case of alleged data theft, Indian police have arrested a call center employee in the outsourcing hub of Gurgaon. [CNET]
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  • Identity Theft exists because of the choices that we as a community provide for ourselves and others, whether that was our intention or not matters little now. Regardless of how much chemotherapy may be used, sometimes the cancer just won't disappear. So either way, the "good guys" lose and one by one change their white hats for black, starting with those that have given most and received the least recognition for it.

    If you cannot see the solution to Identity Theft, it may be because you are confining your search too much. I do admit though, that so many supposed "solutions" are on offer that it does make it difficult. Using the size of the providing company as an indicator to the usefulness of a solution, does not work in every case.


    By Blogger Joseph, at 5:37 PM  

  • Consider the possibility that it will *never* go away ... and that the best we will do is minimize the effects and "damage" caused by it.

    To me, it is like the quest for "World Peace" ... consider the possibility that it will never exist. For one person's peace is anothers war.

    The best is to develop adaptive systems that can deal with the occurrances ... and constantly adapt to deal with the next threat.

    By Blogger Scott C. Lemon, at 10:09 AM  

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