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Friday, November 18, 2005

How many dimensions?

I really like reading an article like this. These researchers are pushing the limits of our thoughts, and introduce new ideas that cause our brains to go 'huh'? In looking to create new theories that would explain our observations of the universe, these researchers are positing that there could be numerous more dimensions that exist in the universe ... and that they are too "small" for our senses to detect them!

I really like this type of thought because it challenges the traditional thinking that we have been trained to think. It forces to re-evaluate the facts that we are very primitive biological sensory machines, and that in reality it takes very little to fool us. Additionally, we fall into the traps of "conventional wisdom" which only limits what we believe is possible! Why only three dimensions? Why only six?

I believe that over the next decade we are going to begin to "see" that there is much more to the universe that we thought!
Dark matter highlights extra dimensions. University of Oxford scientists say extra spatial dimensions can be inferred from the perplexing behavior of dark matter, which behaves differently in small galaxies and large clusters of galaxies.

Three extra dimensions are altering the effects ... [ Accelerating Intelligence News]
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