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Friday, November 11, 2005

RadioAtomBridge update coming

I really have put off working on my RadioAtomBridge for a while now. It worked for me, and that's what counts ... right? :-)

Well, over the last week, it stopped working for me ... and I was frustrated. I haven't seen any comments on the blog about it, and so I figured that it was probably ok, but the more that I looked into the problem it appears that there were two issues:
  1. It appears that Blogger/Google have lived up to their promise of requiring SSL/TLS to secure the ATOM posting. This really does make sense, and I'm not against ... I just didn't want to have to edit code again. But I have, and I am now testing this new version that I worked on last night. If all goes well, I'll post a new version for people in the next day or so. Oh and another note ... this is slowly becoming the Radio Blogger Bridge again since I am slowly hardcoding some things to work with Blogger, and removing some options. I might see how easy it is to add an option for SSL/non-SSL ... but don't count on it.
  2. I also found that Blogger will not allow you to create a post that does not include a "title". So if you post, and the title is empty, it causes a java:Null Pointer Exception on their server. Wonderful. I haven't yet fixed this, but am looking at what I might do ... maybe force a default title of the time and date?
Anyhow ... it was fun to get into Radio again ... and it was also a pain. I hate that I have not yet found a fully supported blogging tool that really does what I want it to do. But I am working on it!

Keep your eyes on the Radio Atom Bridge blog for update news!


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