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Saturday, September 17, 2005

John Udell @ AC2005

I have always liked reading John Udell ... I think this might be the first time to see him present. His talk is on Annotating the Planet and started with a very cool mash-up demo using Google Maps. He reviewed the various Google maps mash-ups, and then went into some details on his various bike rides that he is mapping with the Gmaps Pedometer.

He touched on the areas of privacy and geotagging of all sorts of information. Referring to David Brins book The Transparent Society he had some commentary on how to potentially protect ourselves from the abuse of this information, and how to control who can get at this information.

He pointed to David Rumsey's web site, and quoted from his talk at a recent conference. David has an amazing collection of maps ... and is doing some very cool synthesizing of old and new maps.


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