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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lame toppings ...

The weekend before last, I took my son Sam out to spend some time with my parents in the Bay Area of California. While we were there we also ran around so that he could visit with with my sisters and their families. On the Saturday he and I ran down to Big Basin, one of my favorite parks just outside of Silicon Valley. We spent several hours hiking around the immense trees, enjoying the quiet, and the incredible coniferous forest smells.

On the way back we met up with my sister Susan and her family. We ran to get dinner at a local soup and salad place. As usual they have the dessert bar, with soft ice cream. Sam wanted a ice cream cone, and so we walked up to the machine and I pulled a chair up for him to stand on ... he is really wanting to do everything himself these days. He did a good job of filling his cone with the mixed chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and then asked if he could get some "sprinkles."

We walked over to where the "sprinkles" are, and I was surprised that they only had raisins, broken Oreo cookies, coconut shreds, and crushed peanuts. No other choices. I immediated commented to Sam, "Oh man ... they only have LAME sprinkles!"

Sam immediately replied, "Daddy ... I want lame sprinkles! I want lame sprinkles!"

To Sam ... even LAME sprinkles are better than no sprinkles. I've become tainted with age. We did have some peanuts, and Oreos.


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