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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Amazing ... Novell opens the door for new leadership!

Wow ... I'm wondering if there might be a glint of sunlight out there for Novell. Once again ... and long over due ... there has been a change of guard in the executive ranks of Novell. Jack Messman is finally out the door, along with the CFO.

I have to admit that I'm only willing to call Jack an executive ... not a leader. From all of my experiences, and watching the direction that Novell has taken, I would have a difficult time calling him a respected leader. Instead, most of the employees that I have talked to felt that he created an oppressive, dictatorial workplace that suppressed the potential of the company.

All I am hearing today are the IMs of joy coming from all directions ... employees and investors.

Good for the board of Novell. No matter what, the culture and the overall energy level in the Novell offices just jumped several notches up.


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