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Friday, January 27, 2006

Blastyx hits the net

The other day I spent some time with Phil Burns and the guys from Blastyx. We had fun creating a quick video about some of my wireless business ( and installation. I am still doing a lot of wireless R&D on the side ... outside of my day job at Agilix Labs. Blastyx is doing some very cool work, and they have some very interesting ideas on where to take next generation marketing. You can go and check out the video ... it's the "Wireless Mountain Man" video ...


  • Beware of Motion Computing!

    I ordered a Motion 1600 tablet direct from Motion Computing on January 10, 2006. Today is January 27, 2006 and I have no tablet. It is sitting in a warehouse in Shanghai, China, with no ship date in sight (straight from the mouth of the China desk at FedEx's International Priority Department) because of the Chinese New Year. I contacted Motion three times before I got a return call.

    When I did get to talk to their customer service department I was told that the lead time runs (i.e., the date by which I am supposed to receive my tablet) on January 27, 2006. That's today. I then asked "where's my computer?" Motion advised that because they have dropped the shipment with FedEx they are no longer responsible.

    Desperately needing a computer since January 10, 2006, and watching business being lost while I wait on Motion Computing, I asked for a refund, so that I could then go down to the computer store and get a regular old laptop. Their response was "no" because they have shipped the product. In addition, when I asked for a return authorization for the accessories that I have already received I was told there is a no return policy -- notwithstanding my explanation that the accessories do me no good without a computer.

    I need a laptop for work. Every passing days costs money. Is this what $4500 gets me? Unusable accessories and no computer? So much for the tablet revolution! Buyers Beware!

    John Harding

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:29 PM  

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