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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

January Utah Dev Geek Dinner

Tonight was the Dev Utah January Geek Dinner. There was a good turn out and it was fun to see some of hte people who came. This time there was a basic catered dinner, and then the fun began. Overall ... a big turn-out of geeks. There were a few people that I wanted to track down to ask questions about Asterisk ... I'm about to set-up my first Asterisk server.

During dinner, I talked with Russell Page of Politis Communications. One of his clients is Handheld Entertainment ... a company making extremely low cost handheld video devices. They actually sounded pretty cool. The devices start at $99 and are sold at Walmart. They really need some marketing folks ... their web site is pretty lame.

The first presentation was by Nathan Nelson of Nelson Legal. He started off by talking about various business issues with getting a company going. What legal entities exist, what types of steps to take to create them, etc. Pretty brief ... good information for the new entrepreneur.

Dave McKenzie then presented about Software Patents. He works at Kunzler & Associates and they focus on Intellectual Patent Law. He covered the standard stuff about patents, why and how you might want to file them. gave a brief presentation of their Software for Starving Students. It's actually a very cool CD that they have put together of a wide range of free software.

I'm going to post for now ... I'll post again when I get home if there was more stuff in the "after event". There are a few people that I want to catch up with ...


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